Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

Getting a good night’s sleep has a direct impact on every part of your life, including your physical and mental health. That’s why purchasing the right mattress to help you get the rest you need to be your best self is critical to your current and future wellbeing. Unfortunately, high-quality mattresses are often expensive and out of the price range of the average consumer.

Thankfully, many companies now offer mattresses that are more budget-friendly but which don’t skimp on the quality necessary for you to sleep well without breaking the bank. This guide takes an exclusive look at the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress, an excellent choice for the budget-conscious shopper who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for cost.

Top Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid Mattress Features

Linenspa mattresses consistently rank at the top of the list in brand satisfaction on Amazon and other online outlets, and there’s a good reason for that. The company prides itself on offering comfort at a manageable price for customers. While their mattress prices may seem less expensive than competitors, that is for affordability purposes and not a reflection of quality.


What will a Linenspa mattress offer you? The company uses foam and coil construction, hence the term “hybrid.” Construction will vary by model, but for the Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress, you can expect the construction to be as follows:

12” Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid Mattress construction (top to bottom)
1” regular foam (inside the quilted cover)
2” gel memory foam
1” transition layer
8” pocketed heavy gauge coil springs

Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress construction

Quilted Cover

The quilted cover consists of knit material that allows it to stay in place. The cover is not removable, and it is not recommended that you try to remove it. Any spills that happen should be spot treated with mild detergent and warm water. The cover itself helps to provide comfort as the gel molds to the shape of the user’s body while promoting cooler temperatures for the best sleep possible.

Gel Memory Foam Layer

Underneath the quilted cover is 2” of gel memory foam which amplifies the effects of the cover itself. Memory foam conforms to the shape of people’s bodies when they sleep, offering comfort but also lessening sleep disturbance. If one person in the bed moves or gets up, the memory foam employs its motion transferring qualities so that the other person in bed is not disturbed. This mattress quality also relieves pressure points on the body, especially those involving the neck, shoulders, hips, back, and head.

Unfortunately, memory foam alone will offer support, but not the temperature control necessary for total user comfort. That’s why a gel memory foam mattress makes all the difference when it comes to temperature. Gel-infused memory foam allows better airflow through the mattress’ foam layer, keeping it fresh and dry. Moisture is wicked away from the mattress, and the gel-infused memory foam also encourages the disbursement of excess body heat. What it all adds up to is cool comfort and support from an affordable mattress.

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Transitional Layer and Coiled Spring Support

The 1” transitional comfort foam layer between the gel memory foam and the supportive coil springs employs a higher density for ultimate support. This layer leads to the final foundation layer, the 8” individually wrapped coil springs. High-density supportive foam is wrapped around the coils’ edges, and the individual wrapping allows for motion isolation. When a person shifts their weight on the mattress, the area the body moves away from quickly regains its shape. The sturdy and robust coil springs provide high levels of support through to the upper layers of the mattress.

Because this mattress’ coils are the foundation of the bed, you should rotate the mattress every 3 – 6 months to prevent wear and sagging. This mattress is not flippable.

No Fiberglass Included

It’s important to note that Linenspa does not include fiberglass materials in its mattresses. Some manufacturers use fiberglass materials as a fire barrier. Unfortunately, fiberglass material makes spot treating the quilted cover difficult and can cause particles to disperse in the air and throughout the room. Linenspa mattresses avoid using this material to prevent this type of incident from happening.

Shipping and Warranty

Your Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress arrives will ship directly to your home for free, regardless if you are an Amazon Prime member. The mattress will be rolled up and compressed into a cardboard box. You should unpackage your mattress as soon as possible; the mattress will need between 24 – 48 hours to air out and fully expand.

Although this Linenspa mattress does include a standard 100-night trial period, it does include a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects. When you purchase the mattress through Amazon, you also have the benefit of Amazon’s standard 30-day return window.

Affordable prices

The Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress is a budget bed that gives you what you need for a good night’s rest at a fraction of the cost compared to other bed-in-a-box competitors. Here is the current range of prices for this Linenspa mattress.

Mattress sizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$260

Sellers’ prices through Amazon can change from day to day, so you may want to watch the price changes for a short while to find the best deal for your budget.

Weight Capacity

If you are of average weight and height, this mattress will make you feel like you are supported but surrounded by softness. For heavier users, this mattress may be just what you need as well. Unlike other models, the 12” Hybrid’s well-constructed pocketed coils provide substantial support for larger users over 5’8” and 180 lbs. The extra foam helps in this department as well, providing that additional cushioning needed for comfortable use.

Linenspa Weight Capacity


The Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12’ Hybrid mattress comes in one firmness level: medium. On a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being softest and 10 being the most firm, this model typically falls around a score of 4. Despite having an innerspring system, this model is not excessively bouncy or responsive due to its thicker foam layers. If you are looking for a mattress with a soft, responsive feel but don’t want to sink too far into, the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid might be right for you.

Sleep Temperature and Style

With its gel memory foam, the 12” Hybrid mattress is more on the plush side, which means users will sink down a bit while using it. That’s where the innerspring system steps in, allowing for excellent airflow. Although this bed does not have active cooling technology, its construction naturally works to keep users comfortable thanks to its gel memory foam. The top 2” gel memory foam cushion provides comfort and distributes equal pressure across the body. The result is a restful sleep with temperature regulation and motion transfer properties combining to keep you comfortable and cool.

Linspa Sleep Temperature and Style

Sleep Position Support

The Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress is ideal for virtually every type of sleeping position. Here’s how this mattress can work for your sleeping style.

Back and Stomach Sleepers

Because back and stomach sleepers need the most support in keeping their spines in alignment to prevent arching or curving. These sleepers need a mattress that supports the head, neck, shoulders, and hips without allowing too much sinking into the bed. This Linenspa mattress offers that support, although heavier users may find it a bit too soft for their needs.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers typically need more pressure relief for their head, neck, shoulders, and hips. The thicker layers that this Linenspa mattress offers are ideal for this sleeping style because the mattress conforms to the contours of the body. The result is a reduction in overall stiffness and pain, especially in areas of the back and shoulders.

Combo Sleepers

Combination sleepers usually sleep in two or more positions, meaning they alternate between sleeping on their sides, back, and stomach during the night. Because these sleepers need all-around support for their multiple sleeping styles, the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress provides comfort and support for every angle and movement they make during their sleep.

Rising Above the Competition

Linenspa Mattress Rising Above the Competition

Bed-in-a-box mattresses are an ever-increasing component of the bedding industry. So what makes the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid better than its competition? The difference lies in the company’s serious dedication to quality construction. For example, the LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress offers many of the same features as the Linenspa, but there is more emphasis on small amenities, such as fresher smelling covers than on actual cover construction itself.

The LUCID mattress cover is a combination of viscose, polyester, and spandex, which makes it feel soft but doesn’t do much more than that. The Linenspa mattress cover is quilted and specifically designed to protect the 1” regular foam topper. In these small ways, the Linenspa mattress is superior in its structure and design to its competition.

Ultra-Plush, Cool, and Comfortable…at a Fraction of the Cost

The Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress provides a wealth of advantages for an affordable price. With its soft and ultra-plush construction, medium firmness, and gel-infused memory foam, this mattress offers the ultimate combination: comfort and support. The mattress’s dry, cool microenvironment removes moisture and supports airflow, which keeps the user’s body comfortable for a restful night’s sleep. The coiled-spring base support makes this mattress an excellent choice for all sleeping types. Overall, the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam 12” Hybrid mattress is a top of the line bed-in-a-box mattress that gives you the rest you need at a price that is ideal for budget-conscious consumers.