Linspa VS Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It’s been a rough and tumble day. The boss has been nagging you, and your significant other won’t let you forget that you forgot the milk, and your child’s’ soccer game went over by an hour. It’s late; the day was exhausting, and now it’s time, finally, to get some well-deserved sleep. Hopefully, you have done your research and selected the proper mattress to have the perfect night’s sleep and a beautiful morning. The crow of that alarm clock isn’t so bad after a night on the right sleep system.

As simple as it seems, sleep has come light-years in the recent past. Scientists have developed a multitude of new technologies in the last decade, and you should take advantage of their efforts. Read our helpful guide below to discover the key features and differences of the Linspa Gel Memory Mattress and the Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Linspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress Features

The design of the Linspa gel memory foam mattress, considered a medium-firm mattress, uses a two-layer concept. This design will give a better edge-support than other 3 or 4 layer mattresses due to only having one transition layer.

Linspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress Features

This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, so you not only have a comfortable night’s sleep but a worry-free rest. The gel memory foam comes with a high-density base layer and a top comfort layer. The ingenious engineering behind the layers allows you to get the support you need without feeling the rigidity of the mattress.

Infusing the Linspa Gel Mattress with a cooling gel makes it extraordinarily comfortable, especially on those hot summer nights. The very top layer is a breathable, soft fabric allowing for a great feel against the skin.

Like your typical gel foam memory mattress, this is rolled and compressed, so it fits into a box for convenient handling.

Lucid Gel Foam Mattress Features

Lucid Gel Foam Mattress Features

  • The three-layer construction of the Lucid Gel Foam Mattress offers some unique features.
  • A bottom layer of dense foam creates the perfect support that you need. The middle layer offers a pressure-relieving support system.
  • The top comfort layer is designed for maximum rebounding. It responds to your movements and body position, returning to its original shape quickly while turning over.
  • Along with the three support layers, the mattress also has a Tencel blend fabric cover that allows for better temperature regulation and moisture control.
  • This gel mattress offers exceptional breathability. Its design allows for air to flow through the memory foam layer giving superior comfort and cooling.
  • Made with premium materials, you can rest assured that you are getting a top-quality mattress. Constructed using a state of the art design and highly engineered process all but ensures quality and longevity.
  • Materials of construction used do not include synthetic or natural latex.

Linspa vs Lucid: Firmness

Gel foam memory mattresses are usually measured on a firmness scale of

  • Very Soft/Plush
  • Soft
  • Medium-Soft
  • Medium-Firm
  • Firm
  • Very Firm

Think of this scale as a means of saying how far you would sink into the mattress when laying on it. A bowling ball might drop almost to the platform on a plush mattress, while on a very firm mattress, it would rest only a couple inches in.

Linspa markets its gel foam mattress as a medium-firm mattress. While this is an excellent fit for somebody not terribly overweight, it can feel soft to some users.

Lucid gel foam mattress firmness choices

Lucid, on the other hand, has chosen to offer a wide array of firmness’ to its customers. You can choose from a very firm mattress all the way to a medium-soft.

Winner: We have to go with Lucid on this one. Having so many firmness choices makes this a no brainer.


We are all familiar with the standard sizes of mattresses.

  • King 76×80
  • Cal-King 72×84
  • Queen 60×80
  • Full-XL 54×80
  • Full 53×75
  • Twin-XL 38×80
  • Twin 38×75

Different sizes are used for different uses. You generally would not put a King size bed in a guest bedroom or a child’s room. A full would be perfect for a child’s bedroom, and a queen makes the ideal choice for a guest room.

Lucid offers its gel foam mattresses in Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Full-XL, Queen, and King.

Linspa offers all the choices that Lucid does plus a Cal-King size.

Winner: Linspa

While Cal-King is not necessarily the most popular size mattress, the fact that Linspa gives consumers that choice puts them over the finish line by a nose.


The thickness of a mattress determines what kind of bed it can be put on. It also comes into play when finding fitted sheets and how the foam will react to your weight. The thicker the foam, the more overall support the mattress will have. It is suggested for those with a more significant body type to go for a thicker mattress.

The Lucid gel mattress is available in 14″, 12″, 10″ and 8″ varieties.

Linspa offers their mattress in a 12″ and a super low profile 5″ model. Note that the 10″ model is considered a hybrid using individually encased coils.

Linspa super low profile 5 mattress

Winner: Both

Even though Lucid offers more choices, we feel that the low profile version provided by Linspa can be an excellent choice for some users. The low profile gives the ability to use the mattress in a day bed, in a guest room, or for a bunk bed. So, in the end, it comes down to what your use will be for the mattress as to which one you’d prefer.

Expansion Time

Gel Foam Memory Mattresses are generally rolled and compressed into a box by the manufacturer. This means that they have to be opened up and allowed to expand before use. Manufacturers give a suggested amount of time to enable their mattress to fully develop before laying on it. Prematurely using the mattress can void the warranty and not allow for a satisfying sleeping experience.

Linspa recommends a full 48 hours to allow the mattress to fully expand before giving a test run.

Lucid suggests 24 hours, and then you would be allowed to give it a shot.

Winner: Lucid

We have to go with Lucid on this one. Everyone is excited to try out their new mattress and the fact you can try out the firmness on your purchase a full day earlier gives the win to Lucid.


The construction of these materials and subsequent packing and compressing will create what is known as off-gassing during the expansion process. The gases trapped inside as bubbles in the mattress will need to vent off to the atmosphere once unboxed.

Manufacturers often suggest that you should do your unboxing in a large, well-ventilated area. This procedure will prevent the off-gases from leaving an unpleasant odor. While not dangerous, and most definitely common, it can be seen as unpleasant by some people.

Lucid’s off-gassing period is only 24 hours, matching their expansion time perfectly.

While Linspa also says the off-gassing period is a mere 24 hours, we have had reports that it can actually take quite a bit longer than this. Some users have said that they could smell the off-gassing odor for a week after use.

Winner: Lucid

While this metric does not affect any real attribute of the mattress, the off-gassing odor can be slightly obnoxious. So if you need to use your mattress shortly after unboxing and don’t want to be bothered by the smell, Lucid is the clear winner.


Modern gel foam mattresses are built with layers of memory foam used for the platform, transition, and top layers. Manufactures then put an outer cover on the mattress and is known as the comfort layer. Different techniques and additives are added to these cover layers to offer features and improvements, such as odor control.

Linspa offers a breathable, removable cover that is machine washable.

Lucid’s cover is made from TENCEL and has moisture control properties and creates a thin layer of air to help with cooling. It is also removable and washable.

Lucid TENCEL Cover

Winner: Lucid
The TENCEL covering on the Lucid mattress will stand up to a more aggressive washing schedule. Depending on the climate that you are in and how often you need to launder the cover, this can be a real godsend.


Any mattress manufacturer worth their salt is so sure of their products these days that they will offer an at-home sleeping trial. This allows the customer a set amount of time to try sleeping on the mattress and gives them the right to return it if they are not satisfied. We suggest you take them to heart and give a mattress a try and return it if you do not get the rest you deserve.

Winner: Both

Linspa and Lucid are offering 30 days to try their mattress with the option of returning it hassle-free if you do not care for it.


As discussed earlier, the final step in the manufacturing process for these types of mattresses is compressing, rolling, and bagging the mattress in a box. This makes it very convenient to have these mattresses shipped right to your door. So you might be asking if you don’t like the mattress how in the world would you ship it back?

If a return is necessary, you will need to place the mattress in a bag and place the shipping label provided by the manufacturer onto the bag. You would then have to arrange pickup with the preferred shipper. This could be UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Linspa’s process is pretty straight forward. You call, and they will arrange the shipping of a mattress bag to your home. You unzip the bag, place the mattress into it, and zip it up. Slap the label on, put it on your porch, and call the shipper.

While Lucid’s return method is similar, there is a significant discrepancy. You have to supply your own bag for the return shipment.

Winner: Linspa

If purchased directly from the manufacturer, Linspa is the hand’s down winner since they supply a return shipping bag. If, however, you purchase the mattress through their stores on Amazon, they will both honor amazon’s no-hassle return policy, and you will be supplied with everything you need.


A gel memory foam mattress can develop low spots, or get bowled in, if not rotated on a scheduled basis. The mattresses manufacture will supply a recommended rotation schedule with the new mattress. It is highly suggested you follow this in order to keep your mattress in a comfortable state.

Linspa recommends that you rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 6 months.

Lucid’s schedule is every 3 months.

Winner: Both

While Linspa only needs to be rotated half as much, we do not feel 3 months for the Linspa rotation is unreasonable. Rotating your mattress, as suggested, will guarantee a comfortable sleep for years into the future.

Edge Support

Edge support is the ability of a mattress to hold up to sitting on the edge. While you may not think this is important, if you currently have a mattress with excellent edge support, trust us when we tell you that it is. Imagine trying to work on your laptop on the edge of your bed while you keep sinking down. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also damage the underlying layers.

Linspa, with their low profile mattress, does has placed edge support inherently into the design. The slim factor allows you to sit on the edge and be mostly supported by the platform layer it is on.

Linspa Edge Support

Lucid owners have reported that edge support is lacking in the thicker models.

Winner: Linspa

Linspa’s design is the clear winner in edge support due to the design of the mattress.


In today’s world, it is expected that a mattress manufacturer stands by their construction process, materials of construction, and craftsmanship. We would not expect any modern manufacturer to offer anything less than 10 years.

Your warranty will cover physical defects with the mattress, expansion issues. Sagging will be honored as a defect if you can prove that you correctly maintained the mattress. While this may seem challenging to do, most manufacturers do want happy customers. They will eventually honor a return due to sagging if you raise enough of a fuss.

Keep in mind some things will void your warranty. Spilling liquids on a mattress is a known contributor to breaking down the foam. Due to this, it will void your warranty.

Linspa’s 10-year warranty was once the longest of the gel foam memory mattresses. However, Lucid has recently adopted the 10-year warranty as well, making them equal.

Lucid mattress 10 year warranty

Winner: Linspa

When Lucid has upped their warranty, it has been reported that Linspa is a little more lenient in honoring their warranties, especially on older mattresses.


Gel Foam Memory Mattresses are ideal for those who sleep on their side, back or stomach due to superior support.

If you are easily disturbed by your partner or the dog who doesn’t know where he wants to sleep, these are perfect for you.

For those who suffer from chronic joint pain, these style mattresses are the way to go. Your joints will feel cradled, or even hugged when you are laying on a gel foam mattress.

It is finally time to step into the 21st century and get yourself a gel foam mattress. You will be astounded by the comfort, support, and cooling capabilities of these marvels of engineering.

We know that whatever Linspa or Lucid mattress you choose, it will be a massive upgrade to what you are sleeping on now. Good night!