Our Layla vs. Helix Mattress Comparison

Buying a quality mattress is the key to having a good night’s rest.

While there are many high-quality mattresses available on the market, Layla and Helix are two popular brands that have constantly provided customers with reliable and affordable products.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, then a mattress from either of these brands will be a suitable choice. The comparison of these brands will give you an idea about which one to go for.

Following is a comparison of brand and design ideas, pros and cons, as well as some key selling points of both brands.

Layla vs. Helix (Overall comparison)


layla mattress

Layla is one of the most popular mattress brands thanks to its innovative design ideas and reasonable pricing.

It is one of the few mattresses available on the market that use copper-infused foam. There are many advantages to this.

The mattress is ideal when it comes to cooling, comfort, and pain relief. Apart from this, Layla mattresses have different levels of firmness on both sides and can be flipped to suit individual preferences.

To further increase cooling performance, Layla has infused cooling gel directly into the cover. The Thermo-Gel cover continuously stays cool and ensures maximum skin contact.

Last but not least, Layla mattresses come with lifetime warranty.


helix mattress

Helix mattresses are some of the most innovative mattresses available on the market.

They are different than most other mattresses because Helix utilizes an online questionnaire to manufacture the mattress according to customers’ preferences. There are many aspects you can customize via a questionnaire. These include firmness, cooling, sinkage, motion isolation, etc.

The motion transfer and sinkage of Helix mattress are minimal and comfort level is above average. Other features worth mentioning are minimal off-gassing, low heat retention, and close conforming properties.

Helix mattress is the right choice for you if you sleep with a partner and have varied preferences when it comes to comfort and firmness.

Layla vs. Helix Compared Side by Side


Layla mattresses have a Thermo-Gel Infused Cover that offers great heat dispersion to help it stay cool throughout the night. Thermo-Gel is an excellent, non-toxic cooling agent that keeps your body cool whenever its temperature rises, making it ideal for summers and hot sleepers.

The cover is also thicker and springier than most other mattresses. It is one-sided and looks beautiful.

The cover of Helix mattress is made entirely of polyester. The top of the cover is soft to touch and has a white color. The sides have a sturdier feel. Furthermore, they are blue colored and protect the mattress. The overall design of the cover is modern yet simplistic, with a stylish checkerboard pattern on the top. It has no padding and is very thin.

These properties help improve cooling and let sleepers engage with several layers of micro-coils and foam.


Construction (Materials & Quality)

There are four distinct layers. Combined, they are 10-inches thick. It is also worth mentioning that Layla mattress has a soft side and a firm side. The soft side consists of three layers.

  • The first layer is 3-inches thick and is made of copper-infused memory foam. The purpose of this layer is to provide cooling and comfort.
  • The second layer is 2-inches thick and is made of convoluted foam. It offers maximum heat dissipation and airflow.
  • The third layer is 4-inches thick and is made of firm foam. It offers support to the mattress.
  • The firm side has a 1-inch thick layer that is made of copper-infused memory foam. It offers cooling and a firmer feel.
Helix mattress is customized according to customer’s requirements. The layers of the mattress may go a level up or down. Furthermore, their thickness can also be changed depending on the customer’s choice.

Generally, there are four layers in the Helix 10.4-inch mattress.

  • The top layer is 2-inches thick and is made of poly foam which is quite responsive. This layer offers cooling, responsiveness, and bouncing properties to the mattress.
  • The second layer is 2.4-inches thick and has many microcoils. They provide pressure relief, support, bounce, and softness to the mattress.
  • The third layer is 2-inches thick and is also made of poly foam. It is designed to offers support.
  • The fourth layer is 4-inches thick and offers core support to the entire mattress.

Layla vs Helix - Construction


Firmness (Support & Comfort)

As mentioned above, Layla mattress has a firm side and a soft side. Both sides have their own level of firmness. It gives customers a choice on which side to use according to their needs and preferences.

On a firmness scale of 1-10, the soft side has a rating of 4. The firm side, on the other hand, has a rating of 8.

Turning the mattress over is quite easy; you simply need to unzip the cover and flip the mattress to go from one side to another. Despite different levels of firmness, both sides offer good support and comfort to all sleepers.

As mentioned above, Helix mattress is customizable and customers can specify their preferences and requirements, which includes firmness as well.

The mattress is not available in any general firmness options, so it cannot be rated on a firmness scale.

The firmness is personalized on the basis of the company questionnaire. Some of the factors a company takes into consideration include firmness, medical conditions, and sleeping positions, etc. It is to ensure that you get exactly what you need in order to get a comfortable sleep for years to come.


Layla vs Helix - Firmness


Layla mattress sleeps cooler than most other mattresses. This is because it features three different cooling technologies.

  • First, the cover features Thermo-Gel which helps release and redistribute heat so that the mattress stays cooler even in warmer temperatures.
  • Second, both sides of the mattress are copper infused. It helps the memory foam remain cooler.
  • Finally, the base foam layer of the mattress is extremely breathable and creates maximum airflow, allowing it to carry the excessive heat away via air flow channels.
As Helix lets you input what your sleeping preferences are, you can choose the cooling level of your choice as well.

If you are a hot sleeper, then you can customize the Helix mattress to make sure that the mattress regulates heat well and you sleep cool throughout the night. The options range from mild to cool.

Apart from the customization, the mattress generally has a slender shape which optimizes airflow and allows for good ventilation.

However, it is worth mentioning that at a cool level, Helix mattress may not be cool enough for some very hot sleepers.




There are no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing Layla mattress. Because of this reason, it has a pleasant ‘new mattress’ smell when you unbox it for the first time. The odor should disperse within a couple of days.

Layla mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it is free from harmful chemicals such as TCEP, PBDE’s flame retardants, mercury, formaldehyde, phthalates, ozone depleters, lead and other metals.

So you can rest easy knowing that the mattress is safe for you and the environment.

Just like other mattresses, Helix mattress also has a ‘new mattress’ smell that you will notice when you first unbox it. However, the off-gassing is minimal and should disperse within a couple of days.

Helix mattress is CertiPUR-US approved. The poly foam, as well as the dynamic foam that is used in the construction of the mattress, is considered safe.

There are no harmful chemicals in the mattress and it has minimal impact on your home’s air quality and the environment.


Value for Money

Layla is an innovative and well-designed mattress that offers you with a cooler, better sleeping surface, thanks to its thermoregulation technology and quality fabric and foam.

The mattress is quite durable and has excellent airflow. It is also reasonably priced as compared to other similar mattresses available on the market.

Because of these reasons, it can be concluded that Layla mattress offers excellent value for money.

Helix mattress is one of the few mattresses available on the market that allow you to customize them according to your needs.

From firmness to cooling, to motion isolation and support – you can have the mattress that best suits your personal needs and preferences.

Helix mattress is a premium quality product that is available at affordable pricing. All factors considered, it offers excellent value for money.

Pros and Cons

  • Dual-firmness design
  • Great comfort and cooler sleep
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Copper-infused foam reduces joint pain and benefits circulation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good motion isolation
  • Close conforming
  • Highly customizable
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Reduces typical sleep discomfort and joint pain
  • Good bounce thanks to microcoils
  • Minimal off-gassing
  • Dual-option, ideal for couples
  • Weak edge support
  • The company is relatively new, so the lifespan of the mattress is unknown.
  • Despite customization, some individuals find Helix mattress too soft or too firm.
  • The cover is too thin and is prone to bunching.

How do you choose between the Layla and Helix?

You might like Layla if

  • You like the dual-firmness design so you can choose between firmness and softness.
  • You change positions during your sleep.
  • You want risk free choice (Layla mattresses come with lifetime warranty).

You might like Helix if

  • You want a mattress that is customized according to your personal preferences.
  • You like a mattress with excellent heat transfer capabilities.
  • You are allergic to memory foam or latex (Helix doesn’t use either of these).