Kingsdown Mattress Review

If you are considering to buy a Kingsdown mattress, then this article is for you. It reviews the brand quality as well as its key characteristics so that you can decide whether it is suitable for your specific needs.

What You Should Know About Kingsdown Mattress

Brand Story

Kingsdown was founded in 1904. For over a hundred years, the company has been manufacturing mattresses using the best materials to facilitate quality sleep. Kingsdown has gained a lot of popularity due to this specific trait.

The company excels when it comes to using sleep science and technological advancements along with old world handcrafted traditions to provide the best night’s sleep.

Over the last few years, there is lack of common problems and complaints across Kingsdown mattresses. This is a proof that the company has managed to offer products to its customers that are not only high quality but also appeal to a large group of consumers. Kingsdown mattresses can be custom designed according to buyers’ particular needs.

While there are many areas where Kingsdown excels, one of the best things this company does is the production of innerspring mattresses.

As you may already know, innerspring mattresses are still the best selling types of mattresses. Kingsdown manufactures them with the highest quality materials.

Innerspring mattresses by Kingsdown are far more superior than most other types of mattresses available on the market.

Key Characteristics

Following are the key characteristics of Kingsdown mattress:

  • Motion Separation System: Kingsdown’s exclusive Motion Separation System is unrivaled in the mattress industry. The multi-zoned pocket coil design of Kingsdown mattresses offers great support where you need it the most. It is also responsible for the mattress’ excellent motion isolation properties.
  • Individually Wrapped Inner Springs: Innerspring system is the heart of Kingsdown mattresses. It allows the mattress to conform well to the sleeper’s body as well as reduce partner disturbance so you can sleep undisturbed throughout the night.
  • Cushion Cloud® Construction: This is another Kingsdown’s exclusive mattress construction process that is responsible for the Low Pressure® and relaxed sleep surface.
  • Full Body Surround®: Kingsdown mattresses are fully encased from all sides. This results in excellent edge support and superior edge-to-edge sleeping surface in a no-flip design.
  • Vertical Zoning®: When you sleep on a Kingsdown mattress, you will feel your body ‘floating’ to its natural position. Your body will be properly supported and you will receive maximum pressure relief.
  • Chilly Wave™ Gel Infused Memory Foam: Some specific models of Kingsdown mattresses are manufactured with Chilly Wave™ Memory Foam. The foam is infused with Gel beads and provides excellent bed-to-body conforming support as well as enhanced cooling.


A Brief Comparison of Some Kingsdown Mattresses Reviews

ModelsCrown ImperialDiamond RoyaleDownton AbbeyBodyPerfectSleep Haven all-latexMiro
TypeHybridInnerspringInnerspringIntelligentLatexMemory Foam
(besides cover)
memory foam,
micro coils,
larger pocket coils
wool fibers,
latex foam,
support coil system
cushioning foam,
memory foam,
support coil system
foam layers,
pocket coils
latex comfort layers,
latex core
gel memory foam,
Serene® Foam,
support foam core
cottoncottonN/Astretch fabricstretch fabric
FirmnessMedium FirmPlushFirmMedium FirmMedium FirmMedium Firm


Kingsdown Crown Imperial Mattress (Hybrid)

Kingsdown Crown Imperial Mattress

Crown Imperial is a perfect blend of pocket coils and memory foam.

  • The first layer is a thick top layer of memory foam which is gel infused.
  • The second layer contains micro coils.
  • The third one contains larger pocket coils.

The mattress is a perfect combination of micro coils, polyfoam, gel memory foam, and the support core. Because of this, Crown Imperial offers a firmness that is personalized on the body type and sleeping position of the sleeper. The mattress is designed to respond well to the body.

The cover of this mattress provides a soft and luxurious feel as it is woven with wool and silk and is tufted for comfort. CoolActive gel memory foam provides excellent cooling as it is combined with resilient micro coils for maximum airflow.

Crown Imperial has an edge-to-edge deep surface thanks to the exclusive Edge Support System of Kingsdown.

  • A unique combination of high-quality materials for greater support
  • Good for side and back sleepers
  • Excellent edge support
  • Comes with 10-years warranty
  • Some of the technologies used in this mattress are new, so sleepers must trust them to provide a good night’s sleep
In conclusion, Crown Imperial is a high quality mattress from Kingsdown. If you are looking to buy a hybrid mattress that offers great edge support and cooling properties, then Crown Imperial is the best choice for you.


Kingsdown Innerspring Mattress

When it comes to innerspring mattresses, Kingsdown has various collections.

Diamond Royale

Kingsdown Diamond Royale Mattress

  • Perimacoil Luxe Tri-Zoned Wrapped Coils
  • Quilted Cotton
  • Sumptuous Latex Foam
  • High Loft Wool Fibers
  • Cotton Fiber

Diamond Royale mattresses are ideal for providing pressure relief and support so that the sleepers can have a natural experience. The mattresses in the Diamond Royale collection are manufactured from natural materials that are crafted by hand. Organic cotton is also used and according to Kingsdown, the organic experience this collection provides is second to none.

All mattresses in the collection are flippable innerspring mattresses. There are comfort layers on both sides of the mattress. They are designed with high-quality natural materials such as rayon, cashmere, high-loft wool, cotton, and latex. The center of the mattress is occupied by a single pocketed coil support core.

The mattresses are dustproof and breathable as they are made of New Zealand wool. The cooling properties are also great because of this. The cover is made of cotton that provides comfort and cushioning.

  • Good for back and side sleepers
  • Reduced motion disturbance
  • Enhanced edge support
  • Dustproof and breathable
  • 10-year warranty
  • Not recommended for stomach sleepers
In conclusion, Diamond Royale mattresses from Kingsdown are an excellent blend of natural materials and advanced pocketed coil system. They are a great choice for those who are looking for innerspring mattress with enhanced edge support, breathability, and natural materials.


Downton Abbey

Kingsdown Downton Abbey Mattress

A variety of innerspring mattresses with different compositions are included in the Downton Abbey collection. Depending on the specific model, Downton Abbey mattresses feature standard or gel memory foam.

  • Their comfort system contains materials such as wool fibers, silk, polyfoam, and latex.
  • The natural materials make the mattress breathable and help regulate the temperature that leads to a cool/comfortable sleep throughout the night.
  • Pocketed coils are used for the support core of the mattress. High-density polyfoam is used to encase the pocketed coils.
  • The cover is made of silk and wool.

Pocket coils in this mattress collection are used for their conformity. You can expect even support distribution and increased pressure on your large body parts as well as recessed areas. This is achieved by the use of two layers of pocket coils. The conformity of Downton Abbey mattresses is relatively cooler than memory foam mattresses. Quality sleep is guaranteed.

The coils provide firmer support in the middle, making the mattress ideal for heavy sleepers. Lumbar support is provided via gel infused memory foam. Better support at the edges is achieved by placing firmer coils around the mattress’ edges.

  • Great edge support
  • Excellent pressure relief properties
  • Cooler than most memory foam mattresses
  • Good for heavy sleepers
  • 10-year warranty
  • May be too firm for light sleepers
In conclusion, Downton Abbey is a high quality collection from Kingsdown. They are breathable, have great edge support and cooling properties, and are also ideal for heavy sleepers.


Kingsdown BodyPerfect Mattress (Intelligent)

Kingsdown BodyPerfect Mattress

BodyPerfect is an intelligent mattress from Kingsdown.

  • It features 21 air chambers on each side.
  • Its comfort layer is made of latex, polyfoam, and memory foam.
  • High-density polyfoam is used to encase the pocketed coil innerspring system.
  • BodyPerfect comes with a tablet device which you will use to perform different functions and control mattress settings. These include generating sleep activity reports, making adjustments on the basis of bodily pain, setting alarms, etc.

BodyPerfect is the first mattress from Kingsdown that offers customizable, pro-active support. The mattress makes adjustments continuously in order to maintain ideal support, alignment, and pressure relief for the sleeper’s body.

While the technology used in BodyPerfect is complex, its purpose is quite simple; to offer the customers the smartest and the healthiest sleep imaginable.

  • Adjustable air technology for the best body alignment
  • Good body support options for individuals as well as couples
  • Good for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Costly as compared to most other intelligent mattresses available on the market
BodyPerfect is a quality intelligent mattress that is equipped with many useful features. This mattress is the right choice for you if you are looking for an intelligent mattress with good body support and don’t mind the price tag.

Kingsdown Sleep Haven all-latex Mattress (Latex)

Kingsdown Sleep Haven all latex Mattress

  • The cover of Sleep Haven mattresses is made of gel infused foam.
  • The layers beneath are made of latex and they vary from soft to firm, hence providing excellent response and pressure point relief to the sleeper.
  • Furthermore, the mattresses in this collection are also equipped with Body Science technology so you are assured that you will get a firmness that is personalized to you.
  • Sleep Haven mattresses are highly breathable and cool as the airflow technology promotes air circulation well.

Sleep Haven latex mattresses are specifically designed to offer unmatched pressure relief while keeping the sleeper’s body supported and properly aligned.

All the mattresses in this collection have a comfort system that contains multiple latex layers. Each layer uniquely responds to the sleeper’s body and conforms well in order to provide supportive comfort for quality sleep. All the layers from core to the surface work together to offer a sensation of floating on a cloud.

  • Personalized latex mattress that is also highly responsive
  • Ideal support and pressure relief
  • Solid wood foundation
  • Good for side back sleepers
  • Great choice for heavy sleepers
  • 10-year warranty
  • Not fully natural
Sleep Haven collection by Kingsdown combines the great properties of latex with innovative technologies. If you are looking for an all-latex mattress that is highly responsive, breathable and offers ideal support and pressure relief, then Sleep Haven is a recommended choice.


Kingsdown Miro Mattress (Memory Foam)

Kingsdown Miro Mattress

Miro is a memory foam mattress collection by Kingsdown which is a step above the typical foam mattresses. This mattress collection is not only sleek, but it is also equipped with advanced technology.

  • Ultra-supportive Foam Core
  • Serene® Foam
  • Gel-infused Memory Foam

Serene Foam and cooling gel memory foam are both great self-adjusting alternatives to typical memory foam. Both these foams work together in order to dissipate body heat quickly and offer a comfortable, cooler night’s sleep.

Miro’s foam core adds support and stability while the layers of specialty foams offer excellent pressure-relieving comfort. As a result, you get a sleep experience that is customized according to your sleep style and body type.

Miro mattresses regulate body temperature well. They also have great conforming support. These qualities are achieved with the use of gel infused memory foam. The mattresses in this collection provide superior lumbar support without sacrificing comfort.

All sides of Miro mattresses have high-density foam. This results in excellent edge support as well as increased airflow. The cover is made of Omni-Stretch fabric that is capable of stretching evenly in width and length for a more balanced recovery and stretch. This increases the mattress’ body-conforming properties.

  • Excellent edge support and overall airflow
  • Solid wood foundation
  • Good body-conforming properties
  • Good for back sleepers
  • 10-year warranty
  • Not recommended for heavy side and stomach sleepers
Miro mattress collection by Kingsdown is designed to offer increase edge support, comfort, conforming, and cooling to promote a quality sleep throughout the night. They are ideal for back sleepers who want to buy a high quality and reliable memory foam mattress.


Final Verdict

No matter which mattress you purchase, it will have certain pros and cons. You just need to balance out what features are the most important to you.

From innovative features to reasonable pricing, Kingsdown offers mattresses for everyone. With a wide selection of products, you are assured that you will find a Kingsdown mattress that will fit your specific needs and preferences.